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We believe in recognizing ancestral wisdom and spirituality as a source of valuable knowledge and good living, as well as in the constant practice of physical activity as a way to reconnect to our bodies and to our higher selves.

With this in mind, Aire Libre has created a variety of travel experiences that aim to bring human beings into close contact with a more profound essence of living through a renovation of our relationship to ourselves, nature, and the people around us.

Everything that we do is based on the believe that running and spirituality can take us places where only a few have been, inside and outside ourselves.

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From week-long retreats to weekend getaways, we have created a series of unique running and hiking experiences that combine distinctive cultural and gastronomic offerings with physical and spiritual activities designed to improve your overall wellbeing. These adventures are carefully designed to guide our guests to immerse themselves deeply into the customs and traditions of an ancient civilization while experiencing some of the most exceptional hiking and trail-running landscapes on earth.

We can accommodate hikers and runners of all levels.

Our team is made up of local guides, experts and community members that will provide you with the best care and local knowledge available.

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 r u n n i n g  R E T R E A T S


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Every year, we plan and embark on larger adventure projects looking to connect our audience to valuable stories found in faraway places. In every adventure we seek to get involved with communities and individuals that represent a part of our ancestral essence and who's stories possess much of the knowledge and values that we believe need to be treasured, re-evaluated and integrated into modern societies. Humans, in their most basic essence, hold many of the answers to sustainability, good nutrition, spirituality and truth which we seem to have lost in the modern world. It is important to look back into our history and learn from the people who have a deeper relationship with nature, ancestral knowledge and spirituality.


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Catch up with all of our latest stories to learn more about our adventures and the fascinating people we meet along the way, who dedicate their lives to make change in harnessing wellness, spirituality and mindfulness.