“Discover the world through running”

Aire Libre is a Mexico City-based creative studio and experience provider
that aims to inspire people from around the world to be more active, healthy and spiritually connected.

With this in mind, Aire Libre has created a variety of travel experiences that combine the world’s most distinctive cultural and gastronomic offerings with physical and spiritual activities designed to improve the participant’s overall wellbeing.
These adventures are carefully designed to immerse guests deeply into the customs and traditions of indigenous communities while experiencing some of the most exceptional hiking and trail-running landscapes on earth.

At the same time, Aire Libre’ Creative Agency produces inspirational content and short documentaries
that highlight the value of ancestral knowledge, physical activity and spirituality.

Through our experience, we have discovered the power of authentic cultural
immersion and the life-changing effect it has on those that experience it.

We would like to invite you to partner up with us
in the creation of a series of immersive cross-cultural experiences across the globe
that will highlight the importance of respect and collaboration
between nations and their local cultures.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

Authentic immersive experiences that can positively impact the way visitors perceive a Country

Based on the latest tourism trends, we at Aire Libre believe that through the creation of authentic immersive experiences we can positively impact the way visitors perceive a Country, inviting them to relate deeply to its people and culture. Such experiences promote an deep and rewarding cultural exchange between visitors and locals, allowing for a true connection that is lacking from conventional tourism.

With this in mind, we are looking to partner up with embassies from around the world in order to produce a new series of experiences that will allow us to facilitate a visitor exchange program between Mexico and other countries, where people from both sides are invited to submerge into each other's culture in a profound and impactful travel experience.


For this venture we would like to propose the production of experiences in both countries simultaneously, in order for groups of people from both nationalities to be able to fully immerse in each other's culture.

The profound symbolism of such an act creates a message of unity and respect between two cultures.


Content Creation

Proposed formats:
- Promotional video.
- Social media stories during the experiences.
- Written word for third party media.

The content derived from the experiences have the potential to derive in exhibitions, screenings and other types of events and presentations taking place in the involved countries.

The perfect opportunity to spread a message of collaboration, unity and respect between the two countries

A central piece of this proposal is the creation of high quality, original content during the experiences, that goes above and beyond regular promotional material, and allows us to touch into people’s desire for travel, discovery and belonging. This content, matched with an adequate promotional campaign, will provide us with the perfect opportunity to spread a message of collaboration, unity and respect between the two countries, while touching on the importance of travel, cultural immersion
and the recognition of a place’s history and traditions.


We truly hope we can work together in this venture. If you would like to participate, please reply to the e-mail you received or click here.

Feel free to explore our website and social media channels to see more of our work.

Thank you.

Mauricio Diaz Arellano, Daniel Almazán Klinckwort & Manuel Morato


“Discover the world through running”