Take a break from the city noise and immerse yourself in one
of Mexico’s most impressive natural gems: the royal volcanic
couple formed by the Nevado de Colima (Zapotépetl / extinct)
and the Volcán de Colima (Volcán de Fuego / active).


$7,400 MXN
* Secure your spot paying only 30% 
* 3 - 6 monthly installments available





The Colima Volcanic Complex, which includes the Nevado (Zapotépetl) and the Volcán de Colima (Volcán de Fuego), is perhaps the most iconic natural landmark in the area around the border between the western Mexican states of Colima and Jalisco. The locals speak highly and proudly of the beauty of their neighbouring volcanic giants.

The Volcán de Colima, which the ancient local people, the Colimecas, would solemnly call Huehuetéotl (a word in the indigenous náhuatl language which literally means old-god), is at the center of the also local legend of King Colimán –also called Tlatoani Colímotl –, who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Collimán, located in today’s Valle de Tecomán (state of Colima). In times of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Colímotl swore that he would first die than be captured by the invaders, so he thus went up all the way to the crater of nearby Huehuetéotl and threw himself into its depths, along with all of his entourage of maids, priests and warriors. It is said then, that each time the Volcán de Fuego erupts, it is due to the fact that someone has caused harm to one of the descendants of the Tlatoani Colímotl.

Less than 5 miles away from this legendary crater stands the neighbouring higher (4,260 meters above sea level) but extinct mountain of violent volcanic origins which gives its name to the the shared national park: the Nevado de Colima (Zapotépetl). The park was designated as a protected natural area in 1936, during the presidency of Lázaro Cárdenas. It is possible to climb all the way to the summit of the Nevado, when weather conditions allow for it. The views of the park are genuinely spectacular, with its deep evergreen forests, its steep narrow valleys, as well as the astonishing front-row view of the Volcán de Colima.



We will enter Parque Nacional Nevado de Colima in an all-terrain truck. The park is located in the proximity of Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco (a 2 hour drive from Guadalajara, Jalisco’s city center). Deep in the heart of the park, we will spend our nights in a high performance sport center which is located very close to the Nevado’s slopes, surrounded by a thick evergreen forest.

From our base in the sport center, we will then go up the slopes of this sleeping volcano, where we will enter the main trails running and hiking, while gradually ascending all the way to an area known as arenales, or stretches of dark volcanic sand. In the process we will become witnesses to the most privileged panoramic views of the Volcán de Colima, one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the world.

We will also provide daily yoga and meditation sessions designed especially to guide you on a path of physical and mental well-being, as well as a chef who will prepare a delicious and healthy, vegan menu that is highly nutritious and special for athletes.



Our route will consist of two days running/hiking through the slopes and proximities of the Nevado de Colima (Zapotépetl). On Day 1, we will run/hike on a panoramic path, from which we will have access to perhaps the most privileged view of the active Volcán de Colima in all of its majestic splendor, from a safe distance, of course. The route is about 15km (9 miles) long, with a total vertical ascent of X feet/meters, passing through giant stretches of dark volcanic sand and also a rocky patch approaching the summit (4,260 meters above sea level). The descent is the most fun, as we will be able to run fast down the volcanic sands which serve as a cushion as we rush downhill.

On Day 2, our route will be slightly longer, about 21km (13 miles), but it will be mostly going on a gradual downward slope, from a high area called Pico del Águila, all the way to a much lower part called El Floripondio. We will witness radical changes in the landscape, from the yellow bushes of the high mountain where there is close to no vegetation, passing the thick evergreen forests, all the way to the depths of the lower lands, where vegetation becomes much denser. If we’re lucky, we will experience the transition from running above the clouds to then observing them high above our heads

On day 3, before returning to the airport, we will make a scenic route of 7 km along the Tubos and Cortafuego trails.


Our trips are designed to welcome hikers and runners of all fitness levels. We will assign different guides to groups of different levels so that no one is left behind. You will feel safe and comfortable throughout the trip whether you're a professional runner that wants to add these runs to your training, an amateur who wants to explore the world of trail-running or a casual hiker who wishes to challenge him- or herself while enjoying nature in a secure environment.

*Please consider the fact that on this occasion we will be running/hiking at elevations ranging from 10,000 to close to 14,000 feet above sea level, for which we recommend that you take the adequate precautions and preparations with time in advance for this experience.




Community and Spirituality

Our trips are made for you to get away from your daily routine and step out of your comfort zone in order to reconnect spiritually with your inner self while making new friends in a community of like minded people. We invite adventurers from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. This will give you the opportunity to bond and enjoy the company of others, to expand your network and connect with people in an open, friendly and conscious environment.
The yoga and meditation sessions are specially designed for you to pick up, or refine, the tools that will take you on a spiritual journey of inner peace and self-knowledge throughout and beyond the adventure. 




Paty Baro is a passionate yogi, runner and triathlete. With 8 years of experience practicing Yoga in different styles (Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa), a certification in Bikram Yoga Taught by Yoga College of India in Los Angeles and a trajectory of 7 years teaching Bikram Yoga classes.
In 2014 Paty obtained a diploma in Ayurveda taught by the Ayurveda School in Mexico. Dr. Marcus de Oliveira and is the founder of the Yoga studio, Jellyfish Yoga Center in Colonia Condesa.
In 2016, he received certification in Ayuryoga from the Yoga Alliance, Continuing Education Provider.

In addition to her extensive experience in the art of yoga and meditation Paty is a very experienced runner who will share with you the importance of mind control in high performance sports and in daily life.




Guadalajara City – Nevado de Colima National Park
Shuttle from Guadalajara /  All-terrain truck the National Park / Check-in / Dinner


Centro Deportivo – Nevado de Colima Summit – Cañada Trail
Meditation / Breakfast / Guided 15 km  trail-run / 9 mile route to Nevado’s summit (if weather allows) / guided descent through Nevado’s volcanic sands / Stop by Llano en Llamas (Juan Rulfo’s famous novel’s namesake) / Lunch / Sunset yoga session /  Conservation Talk / Dinner


Centro Deportivo del Parque Nacional – Pico del Águila – El Floripondio – Centro Deportivo
Meditation session / Breakfast / All-terrain truck to starting point / Guided run/hike to Pico del Águila / Guided 21 km / 13 mile descent to El Floripondio / Return in vehicle to Centro Deportivo / Lunch at Centro Deportivo / Visit to Centro de Educación Ambiental y Vivero del Parque (National Park’s Environment Education Center and Plant Nursery) / Sunset yoga session / Free time / Dinner


Centro Deportivo del Parque Nacional  – Los Tubos – Cortafuego – Centro Deportivo
Meditation / Breakfast / 7 km guided run/hike through los Tubos and  Cortafuego Trails / Lunch/ Shuttle to Guadalajara International Airport





  • Shuttle service from and to the Guadalajara Airport and during the experience.

  • Exclusively designed trails and activities.

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions.

  • Support and knowledge of our local guides.

  • Delicious and nutritious vegan menu designed for athletes.

  • Lodging.

  • Professional photographer.

  • Accident insurance.

    * We recommend having personal travel insurance.




$7,400 MXN

4 days, 3 nights all inclusive.

* Secure your spot paying only 30%.
** 3 - 6 monthly installments available.

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“Aire Libre changed my life. It has allowed me to connect with my essence. I have met unique people who have become very close friends. It has given me the opportunity to connect with planet earth and it has helped convince me even more that we are a fundamental part of this beautiful universe. Aire Libre changed my life. Free as the wind.”

Gustavo Álvarez, VP Business Development LECO. México, Enero 2017




It is very important to emphasize here that these experiences aren’t races or competitions, but rather opportunities to get away from the noise of urban life and to connect with oneself in nature. That being said, worry not, because the minimum required level of fitness is to be able to walk well, both uphill and downhill. We usually divide into sub-groups according to the level of fitness and each group is assigned a local guide who is very familiar with the route. Furthermore, there will always be a guide who stays behind the last participant of the last group, so that we make sure no one is left behind.



The Aire Libre Team, as well as most of our local guides, have extensive experience running trail, so there will be many opportunities to share relevant information and knowledge. In fact, if this is your first time, we are genuinely thrilled for you, because a truly amazing world of memorable landscapes and deep discovery is waiting for you. Moreover, the pace of our journeys is usually easy and includes frequent rest stops, so you can take your time in getting acquainted with the local terrain.

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The content of our travel experiences is geared towards spreading the word and generating awareness about ways to improve your overall wellbeing while living in harmony with nature. It is very important for us at Aire Libre to create consciousness about keeping our planet safe and clean. Our retreats and getaways are created in an environment where conscious consumption, waste management, good nutrition and prosperity are of utmost importance.

Please keep our trails clean (;