A little something about The Speed Project

Its hard to recounter what happened between Friday 30 of March and Sunday 1 of April. We ran during those dates  340 miles from LA to Vegas non-stop. That is The Speed Project.


We were a team of 6 runners, not to say warriors, and we had a support crew of 3 great captains. The 340 miles were divided among the 6 runners more or less equally. The strategy involved running legs of different distances, depending the time and weather of the day. Sometimes we would run 6 miles, hop on the RV, rest for a decent amount of time and then run another 6 miles. Some other times we would run 1 mile, hop on the RV, and then very quickly go again.

This sequence, like a roller coster, exhausted me so much that I can’t properly remember what and how I did it.

From our team, you could say that I was the most experienced in terms of distance, trail and adventure running, nevertheless you always have to remember that it is always a different dance. You have to be humble. You might have already ran longer distances in more extreme conditions, but this does not determine at all how you will do in another endeavor. 

This was my first experience doing a relay race. It was very fun. In such a race I learned you are only a part of a bigger moving machine that has to work harmoniously for it to move smoothly all the way to Vegas. If a part of that machine stops working, everything gets affected. I was very fortunate to be part of a machine that was composed of beautiful and very different parts that balanced themselves naturally. It functioned so harmoniously that it got us from LA to Vegas 340 miles in 44 hours and 26 minutes. That is an average pace of about 4:52 km/min. On top, it got us all without any injuries and happy as a kid in Christmas. 

Another of my biggest takeaways of The Speed Project is the friendship forged between all teams from all parts of the world. The best was to go by a runner of another team and just cheer, be supportive and throw good vibes. The amount of love you gave to someone on the road was the same amount of love you were given by other teams. In our case we where very fortunate to have shared many miles with a crew from Australia AM:PM. We bonded so profoundly that it took us to a brothers and sisters level. I can wait to share more miles in the future with them, be it in Mexico, Australia or anywhere.

Thank you Sindo @odnis for inviting me to join this adventure. This is the kick off of many DROMO LIBRE collaborations. Thank you my brother Micho @rojkind and Choco @choco_cldn for your  powerful energy and presence. Thank you and hats of to the amazing lady runners from my team Yola @yola_romay, Regis @reginagutz and  Maguie @maguiesonriks.. In your eyes and smiles I saw a clear reflection for the love of running. That makes you the extraordinary  runners you are. Thank you Chris @chrisbar and Cynthia @cfranch_ for making the back end of the machine work so well.  

Thank you Janji @janji , MIGÖ @migooutdoors  and Lululemon @lululemon for providing us not only essential, but also very cool, running gear for the adventure. 


Text: Mauricio Díaz @maudac

Pictures: Sindo @odnis



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