Join us on this odyssey into one of Mexico's most iconic landscapes, the Sierra Tarahumara, where we will connect closely to the culture, traditions and running heritage of the Rarámuri.

We will be guided and hosted by local Rarámuri runners who will help us understand their cosmovision and take us into the depths of the Tarahumara Canyon.





Originally inhabitants of much of Chihuahua, are also known as Tarahumaras, and referred to as "The ones with the light feet", are renowned for their long-distance running ability. The area of the Sierra Madre Occidental which they now inhabit is often called the Sierra Tarahumara because of their presence. With widely dispersed settlements, these people developed a tradition of long-distance running up to 200 miles (320 km) in one session, over a period of two days through their homeland of rough canyon country, for inter-village communication, transportation, and hunting.

They don't see running as a sport or excercise; they do it without using any kind of sports shoes or clothes. Their running is tied into mysticism, survival and identity. For them walking or running long distances is an everyday circumstance, it’s getting where they want to go.

To learn more about the Rarámuri watch the Run Free Movie.



This is one of our most authentic and deeply connected experiences yet. Our 4 day trip will take us running/hiking through the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara, visiting two of the most meaningful towns in the area: Creel and Batopilas. The beautiful and untouched Batopilas Canyon will be our home base, where we will be guided and hosted by local Rarámuri ultrarunner, Silvino Cubésare.

In Creel we will run/hike on a panoramic 12km trail through the picturesque mountain village and into the surreal rock formations of the Tarahumara Mountains.

Later into the trip we will meet up with our guide who will guide us through a historic and beautiful 21km route in his home-town of Batopilas, located at the bottom of the Barrancas del Cobre. Here, we will be able to explore and admire the majesty of the canyon while running along the pristine Batopilas river and the Fuerte basin. 

Local medicine men will guide us through cleansing rituals that will allow us to recconect to our primitive selves and to nature in deep and meaningful way.

We will provide daily yoga and meditation sessions designed especially to guide you on a path of physical and mental well-being.



We believe in recognizing ancestral wisdom and spirituality as a source of valuable knowledge and good living, as well as in the constant practice of physical activity as a way to reconnect to our bodies and to our higher selves.

Taking advantage of Mexico's millenary traditions of ancestral medicine, you will be invited to take part in sweat lodge and cleansing rituals that will purify your body, deepen your bond with the earth and promote the awakening of your ancestral memory.

Our guides, local medicine men and spiritual teachers will make sure that this life changing experience transcends running, allowing us to dive deeply into the region's history and set out on a journey of awareness and self discovery.



Our trips are designed to welcome hikers and runners of all fitness levels.

We will assign different guides to groups of different levels so that no one is left behind. You will feel safe and comfortable throughout the trip whether you're a professional runner that wants to add these runs to your training, an amateur who wants to explore the world of trail-running or a casual hiker who wishes to challenge him- or herself while enjoying nature in a secure environment.


MEET OUR GUIDE: silvino cubésare:

Silvino Cubesare (born in Batopilas, Chihuahua, August 20, 1977) is a Mexican farmer, runner and ultra-marathoner of Raramuri descent.

He has excelled nationally and internationally for conquering, among others, the first place in the 100 km Ruta Run ultra marathon in Costa Rica in 2012 and 2013. He ranked first place in the senior category and second overall place in the 154 km of the Quixote Legend Trail in 2014, which takes place in the Alcaraz mountains and Segura in Albacete, Spain, Again, first place in the 100 km of the Ultramaratón de los Cañones at the International Tourism and Adventure Festival of Chihuahua 2014, held in Guachochi, the first place in the 110 km of the Grand Trail Peñalara 2015, organized by the Spanish Royal Mountaineering Society Peñalara in Madrid, Spain; and a bronze medal in the World Games of Indigenous People in 2015.

Silvino has been on the cover of Runner's World magazine, one of the main publications on athletics worldwide; He was named among the 50 characters that "move Mexico"in Quien Magazine in 2014; and also received recognition from President Enrique Peña Nieto in the framework of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples in 2014. He is also known for being one of the protagonists of the best-selling book Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall.

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i t i n e r a r y



Chihuahua City – Creel
Arrival to Chihuahua /  Shuttle to Creel /  Welcome Dinner


Creel - Batopilas
Meditation / Breakfast / Guided 12 km trail-run / 7.5 mile in Creel / Shuttle to Batopilas / Lunch / Sunset yoga session /  Dinner


Meditation session / Breakfast / Guided 18-21 km / 11-13 mile trail-run in Batopilas /  Lunch at Centro / Shaman session / Sunset yoga session / Dinner


Batopilas  – Chihuahua City
Meditation / Breakfast / Shuttle to Chihuahua City /  Arrival to Chihuahua City Airpot



Here are the flights that we recommend booking:

Mexico City - Chihuahua

VivaAerobus / 15:20 Hrs

INTERJET /  15:30 hrs


  • Shuttle service from and to the Chihuhua Airport and during the experience.

  • Exclusively designed trails and activities.

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions.

  • Support and knowledge of our local guides.

  • Local food.

  • Lodging.

  • Accident insurance.

    * We recommend having personal travel insurance.




$750 USD

4 days, 3 nights all inclusive.

*Introductory price
**Secure your spot paying only 30%.
*** 3 - 6 monthly installments available.



Leave us your information and an Aire Libre member will contact you immediately. 



“Aire Libre changed my life. It has allowed me to connect with my essence. I have met unique people who have become very close friends. It has given me the opportunity to connect with planet earth and it has helped convince me even more that we are a fundamental part of this beautiful universe. Aire Libre changed my life. Free as the wind.”

Gustavo Álvarez, VP Business Development LECO. México, Enero 2017




It is very important to emphasize here that these experiences aren’t races or competitions, but rather opportunities to get away from the noise of urban life and to connect with oneself in nature. That being said, worry not, because the minimum required level of fitness is to be able to walk well, both uphill and downhill. We usually divide into sub-groups according to the level of fitness and each group is assigned a local guide who is very familiar with the route. Furthermore, there will always be a guide who stays behind the last participant of the last group, so that we make sure no one is left behind.



The Aire Libre Team, as well as most of our local guides, have extensive experience running trail, so there will be many opportunities to share relevant information and knowledge. In fact, if this is your first time, we are genuinely thrilled for you, because a truly amazing world of memorable landscapes and deep discovery is waiting for you. Moreover, the pace of our journeys is usually easy and includes frequent rest stops, so you can take your time in getting acquainted with the local terrain.

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The content of our travel experiences is geared towards spreading the word and generating awareness about ways to improve your overall wellbeing while living in harmony with nature. It is very important for us at Aire Libre to create consciousness about keeping our planet safe and clean. Our retreats and getaways are created in an environment where conscious consumption, waste management, good nutrition and prosperity are of utmost importance.

Please keep our trails clean (;